To Make…

Last night at the Academy Awards, Pete Docter won for his film Inside Out.  

I have long been a Pete Docter fan.  When I was a kid (15), I used to go to the Spike & Mike Animation Festivals held annually in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Pete Docter was a student then at Cal Arts, but his films were showcased in the festivals.   As a hometown boy (Minnesotan!), it was great to feel like it was possible for me to go a be an animator (which was one of my early career ambitions.)   One night, they even announced his parents were in the audience.

Seeing his films, so charming and inspiring, made me want to be a maker (or they reinforced it – I already tended that direction and never wavered.)  So, I was glad he had a chance last night to state so clearly how making things isn’t just important as a thing, but important as an experience.  A way to clear your heart, open your soul, heal your head.  Joy can be had through your hands.

Thanks, Pete Docter!  Here is a link to one of his early films.

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